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Hotaru and Setsuna's Fanfic Archive

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Tsukino Koneko

BSSM Celestial


Prologue-"Showdown with Darkness, The Light that Shines across Millenia"
Episode One-"The Sacrifice, The Darkening of the Moon-Test of the Senshi"
Episode Two-"Trials of Friendship, the Birth of Sailorearth-The Hunt for the Periphats?"
Episode Three-"Daughter of Madness, A Needed Reconciliation-the Power of Sailorearth"
Episode Four-"Hikage's Dream, Calcites Last Chance-The Awakening, the Light of the Solar Guardian"
Episode Five-"The Second General, a Trip to Shido's House-Arache Strikes, the Sting of the Mage Apprentice"
Episode Six-"A Visit To the Past, Sailorsols Story"
Episode Seven-"Shido's Past Revealed, the Princess of the Earth"
Episode Eight-"A Romantic Interlude, Shido's First Date"

BSSM Earth

Episode One-"A Case of Mistaken Identities? The Soldier of the Earth Revealed?!"

Saga of the Eclipsed Moon

BSSM Eclipse

Episode One-"Usagi-chans Birthday, Theft of the Heart"
Episode Two-"My Broken Heart, The Pain of Betrayal"
Episode Three-"The Threat of the Eclipsed Moon, Hikaru's Anger"
Episode Four-"Hecates Rage, the Eclipse Mirror is Shattered"
Episode Five-"Spirits of another World, the Senshi of the Eclipsed Moon"
Episode Six-"Senshi against Senshi, the End Draws Near"
Episode Seven-"The Story of the Eclipse Millenium, Truth Revealed"
Episode Eight-"Becoming One, the Last Stand"
Episode Nine-"The New Truth, the Kingdom of the Eclipsed Moon"


Episode One-"Miyage's Tranformation, the Soldier of the Moon appears"
Episode Two-"The Soldier of water and mist, Sailorhermes-Korino Kagami"/"Mizu to moya no Senshi, Sailorhermes-Korino Kagami"

Chains of Destiny


All In My Imagination

Episode One-"Chibiusa-chan is Lost! A Trip to the Silver Millennium?"
Episode Two-"Usagi's Depression, The Betrayal of the Generals"