Hotaru and Setsuna's Fanfic Archive

Hotaru and Setsuna's Fanfic Archive

Konnichi wa, minna-san. Atashi wa Tomoe Hotaru, and this is my(Along with Setsuna-mama's, that is)Fanfiction Archive. I hope you all enjoy what we have for you.

::Sestuna walks in, and smiles down at Hotaru.:: I'm glad you introduced them all to what this Archive is, Hotaru-chan.

Setsuna-mama!! ::Gives Setsuna a hug.::

I'm happy to see you too, Hotaru-chan. But I think we should let our visitors see the fanfiction.

::Hotaru nods.:: Hai, Setsuna-mama. I understand.

So, without further ado...

Here's our fanfiction!

{The Fanfiction is divided Alphabetically with the Authors last name.}

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